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Taliana Martinez

GTA 5 Girls – Taliana Martinez

Taliana Martinez is a woman character in Grand Theft Auto V, she is a getaway driver that can only be obtained if you find her in the random event Crash Rescue. This is triggered by going on the highway around Mount Chiliad and Braddock Pass. This can be identified by looking for  a burning car in a ditch on the highway, You must slow down and be able to take her to Sandy Shores so that she can be attended and healed, You must get her to Sandy Shores quickly otherwise she will die and you won’t be able to have her as a crew member anymore.


Her Story

Once you find Martinez, Taliana and pick her up, she will explain what happened (after Taliana is persuaded by whatever character you used to pick her up). She will explain that she was a getaway driver for a gang that was robbing a pawnshop, and the money was going to be split, twenty thousand each, the robbery however, was a failure and the gang were chased by the police, two were captured with one of them managing to get in the car with Martinez. Then Taliana was successful in evading the cops and passed some blocks but the gang member still with her pulled a knife on her, causing the crash and killing the gang member because she was driving at about 100 mph.


Martinez, Taliana

Taliana Martinez Pranning board



Taliana Martinez It’s an very good driver and also is a steady girl. You may or may not consider her vehicle choice skill a bad drawback, but it’s not that of a great deal as for her skills. Another good fact of her is that she only requests for a 5% cut in the crew… what totally makes her an excellent choice as a gateway driver for players that need to have a good driver while not expending a considerable amount of money.


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