Some female characters are seen in the Grand Theft Auto Five game. GTA girls characters seen in the game include Amanda who is Michael’s wife and Tracy (Amanda’s daughter). A pronounced and perhaps the strongest female character in the Grand Theft Auto V game is Taliana Martinez. Let’s explore each character in details starting with the toughest one – Taliana Martinez.

Taliana Martinez

When driving up the West Coast of GTA 5 in the course of the game, you are likely to notice a crashed car between southbound and northbound lanes, ablaze in the long ditch. The car only appears there occasionally. You will spot a woman lying down nearby, probably thrown from the crashed car, she’s hurt but not dead and asking for help. This woman’s name is Taliana Martinez and she appears to be one of the toughest female characters in the Grand Auto 5 Game.


Amanda is one of the GTA 5 girls. She’s the wife to one of the major playable characters in the Grand Theft Auto game. Precisely, Amanda is Michael’s wife – the mother of Tracy and Jimmy. Michael and Amanda’s relationship is strained, they practically argued throughout the story. Amanda is no longer interested in Michael, which is the major bone of contention between them. She is going out with her tennis instructor, thus cheating on Michael, who in turn acted drastically, particularly when she also started going out with her yoga instructor known as Fabian.

Tracy is Amanda’s daughter born to Michael. She’s obsessed about becoming popular and famous. She’s trying all she can to appear on reality TV. She even ventured into pornography. She’s so recalcitrant to the dad Michael, and doesn’t want to recognize him as the dad.

The GTA 5 girls detailed above are so pronounced in the Grand Theft Auto V game.

Girls Wallpaper

GTA 5 Girls Wallpaper

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Girls Wallpaper 2

GTA 5 Girl Wallpaper 2

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